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At shows and in emails, a number of you have asked “Hey - how about making a few ringtones from your songs?” The people have spoken so here they are. Both of these are from the album Don’t Doubt It and are 29 second mp3 snippets encoded at 96kbps; my research indicates that those settings will work for most cell phones. They sure sound great on mine. (If you’ve never loaded a ringtone onto your phone, please consult your cell phone owner’s manual to learn how to move a file from your computer to your phone.)

These ringtone downloads are Honorware. That means, I’d appreciate it if you did pay for them but I’m not interested in hunting you down if you don’t. Just keep in mind, I didn’t get to record the music for free; the piper has to be paid somewhere along the line. The suggested price is $1.29 and that’s a one-time price; these ringtones will not expire unlike the ones purchased from cell phone providers or other sources. You can use the Paypal button below or stick some money in an envelope and mail it to me. Purchasing the ringtone will fill your mobile aura with warm fuzzies, but if you don’t pay up, you’ll still have a great sounding ringtone. Enjoy!

Wake Me Up Gently Ringtone Hearts Don't Mind Ringtone

(to download:Macs: Option/Click, Windows: Right/Click)

$1.29 each

USPS address: Deidre McCalla, P.O. Box 961122, Riverdale, GA 30296

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