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An overlooked gem from Everyday Heroes & Heroines, Each Time is the only song I co-wrote*. Jim Sandy and I met while attending songwriting workshops with songwriter Steve Seskin.The starting fragment was mine but beyond that I really can't tell you which lines came from me and which came from Jim. A very successful partnership! Musically the track always immerses me in a sonic sense of place and time. Bonnie Hayes’ (Love Letter, Have A Heart, Chair of the Songwriting Department Berklee School of Music) keyboard work sets the harmonic base layer. Bennie Rietveld’s (Santana, Miles Davis Band) expressive fretless bass work really should have also been given supporting vocal credit. Kevin Hayes’ (Robert Cray Band) brushwork is an exercise in tasteful restraint and Amy Ziff’s (BETTY) poignant cello dances from swelling with longing to fluttering away like a butterfly that cannot be held. Producer Teresa Trull encouraged me to put an intimate whisper on the vocal almost as if I were singing to myself. By the way, percussionist Michael Spiro was using a Sweet & Low packet expertly miked and mixed by the amazing Tom Size.

*Teresa Trull and Ray Obeido received songwriting credit on With A Little Luck because their arrangement radically improved the song but we did not write the song together.

Each Time
I sit at our favorite
Deidre McCalla, Jim Sandy©Chetwood Arts

The Players
Vocal: Deidre McCalla
Bass: Benny Reitveld
Drums: Kevin Hayes
Keyboards: Bonnie Hayes
Cello: Amy Ziff
Percussion:Michael Spiro
Sugar Substitute Packet: Michael Spiro
Recorded and Mixed by Tom Size

Each Time (6.36 Mb)

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