Breaking News September 2021

Deidre McCalla - New Album - Project 5 GoFundMe

Album Project 5 has been growing wonderfully and is just over two-thirds of the way to goal. The response has been nothing short of AMAZING! If you have a moment please visit my Deidre McCalla - New Album - Project 5 GoFundMe page where I go into detail on the whys and hows of the forthcoming album. I am currently talking with a few potential producers and the projected Delta Variant delayed release framework is most likely early 2022. Using a snail mail list to reach supporters has gone the way of the dodo bird so I could really use your help in spreading the word about this exciting adventure.  If you want to stay updated on the Album Project 5's progress please sign up for my email newsletter on the bottom of this page or Follow me on my Facebook Deidre McCalla - Singer/Songwriter Music page

Meanwhile, in case you missed it, I uploaded a fun video on my Deidre McCalla YouTube Channel. A snarky Facebook post about Ms. Dolly Parton and getting my Moderna shot let to Aileen Vance, Dianne Davidson and I co-writing Vaccine,  a pandemic parody of Dolly's big hit Jolene. Dolly will probably never see it but we had a hoot doing it. Check out the video I've linked to. While you're on my YouTube channel I'd love it if you would subscribe.

That's all for now.