News You Can Use: December 2021

Deidre McCalla - New Album - Project 5 Moves Into Overdrive!

Album Project 5 sounds absolutely amazing and it’s not even done yet! Julie Wolf, Bird & Egg Studio, Richmond, California. Dianne Davidson and Larry Chaney, Sundog Studio, Nashville, Tennessee.  These producers have knocked it out of the park on this forthcoming 11 song CD. The tracks still need to be mixed, mastered, and manufactured but my spirit soars as I listen to the rough mixes and feel the incredible amount of heart and soul every single musician poured into these songs. At this point I am hoping for an early to mid Spring release. 

All of this was made possible by the Deidre McCalla - New Album - Project 5 GoFundMe having reached its target goal for which I am deeply grateful. The fundraiser remains open and ongoing for the present time as there are other expenses I’ve learned are now de rigueur for an album release like Youtube promotional videos. Photographer/Videographer Irene Young will be working on those with me as soon as we have final mix tracks to sync to. And of course, Irene and I have already shot the cover and like all Irene Young photos they look fabulous. (If you want to enjoy a basketful of visual eye-candy click on Irene's link and feast on just a small portion of her portfolio!)

In other very fun news I did an interview earlier this year for the ZAMI NOBLA podcast with Angela Denise Davis and it was recently posted.  Angela and I had an engaging, far reaching conversation that touched on my upbringing and musical roots, my particular perspective as a black lesbian singer-songwriter, women's music history, the forthcoming Album Project 5, and surviving the existential challenge of life in a pandemic . The interview is linked on this page. This is an hour long audio podcast not a video so put it on while you're cooking, puttering about, or driving. The organization and editing is extremely well done and I really appreciate Angela showcasing my work and words so beautifully.

Upcoming live shows are listed on my Concerts page. Let’s hope Covid 2022 will be corralled enough for those events to go as scheduled. If you want to stay updated on shows and Album Project 5 please sign up for my email newsletter on the bottom of this page or Follow me on my Facebook Deidre McCalla - Singer/Songwriter Music page.