November 2022

These past few month have certainly been a very full season of ENDLESS GRACE.

The greatest gift by far has been the re-opening of performance spaces and our gradual return to gathering in person. I have put over 7k driving miles on my ever faithful Chevy Volt since June of this year and made a number of cross continent journeys by plane all in the service of sharing songs and smiles with you. From festivals to house concerts large and small, it is such a joy to be able to directly connect with you again. 

ENDLESS GRACE continues to be warmly embraced by music lovers and Folk Radio alike. ENDLESS GRACE even made it into first round GRAMMY® consideration for Best Folk Album. The first round is how the eventual five nominees in each category are chosen. Given that there were 157 entries for Best Folk Album it is highly unlikely that ENDLESS GRACE will proceed further but it sure was a kick to see my work out there playing with the big kids!

Three videos singles from ENDLESS GRACE have been released. I Do Not Walk This Path Alone was first out of the gate premiering on Americana Highways in July. Irene Young shot and edited this very high energy capture of key moments in the process of recording this track.

Following in August  Shoulder To the Wheel  premiered on Americana UK. I tasked an old friend, Cayce Crown, to work with me on this. This is my first lyric video and, though Cayce has a very successful video production company in New York, this was her first swing at a music video. I think she knocked it out of the park!

Completing the trifecta, Nothing To Prove, another lyric video, premiered in September on PopMatters.  PopMatters was quite generous in review and praise of this video and ENDLESS GRACE on the whole.

You can view all of these videos and more on my Deidre McCalla Youtube Channel or the Videos page on this website.

To mark the one year anniversary of being in the studio recording ENDLESS GRACE, I have also posted a video on the process of recording the song Halfway Down The Highway . It's a wonderfully intimate peek at musicians connecting with each other as we reach for a feel that is true for the track. Check it out!

On a different kind of fun note, most artists get pretty heavy into selling merch like mugs, hoodies, baseball caps or tote bags. I don’t know about you but I have enough stuff piling up so I decided to have one small, eco-friendly merch item. Now available on my Bandcamp Merch page is an ENDLESS GRACE Patch. This adhesive backed embroidered patch is made from recycled materials and Outpatch, the company I ordered them from, is a non-profit that donates a portion of the proceeds to community based charities. Very cool! I LOVE patches but in all honesty I buy them but rarely get around to the tedious task of sewing them on. I came across these adhesive backed patches through a film project Dianne Davidson was working on and though I was skeptical about the adhesive staying power, the Outpatch patch I attached to a sweatshirt has survived many launderings and is till looking great. That convinced me to have a patch made in support of ENDLESS GRACE. Check it out on my Bandcamp Endless Grace Merch page.